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What our Students Say

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‘Are you available over summer break? Because when I come back to school, I want people to be like, 'what the hell happened to you!’

We are an education collective who specialise in building intellectual confidence and a passion for learning. We offer a different approach to the current education paradigm and have a ferocious roster of talent at our disposal. 

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This is SCOOP


Tanya Cubric


I’m Tanya the Co-Founder of Scoop! I love inspiring students to achieve their goals in Science and Maths subjects & I pride myself in helping people demonstrate to themselves their own capacity for success. Many students I take on are initially predicted C/D grades but through sheer sweat, self-belief and nurtured interest end up with A*s/9s.



Rebecca Webster


Hiya! I’m Rebecca - a Scoop Co-Founder and I’ve been working as a private tutor for a plethora of top London and international agencies for over 6 years. My passion lies in demystifying English and Humanities subjects. I love to inspire my students to think creatively and confidently, alongside nurturing their independence and learning initiative. My focus on perfecting essay and exam technique consistently leads to academic success, with all my students from KS3 to A Level achieving their potential. Many have gone on to achieve Level 9/A*’s and entrance to top academic institutions. 


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One to One


Exceptional one to one private tuition in a wide array of subjects

A common - entrance coaching package with a leading educational consultant in London who, alongside one to one tuition, is able to advise with selecting the right schools for you.

One to one/small group mindfulness and yoga sessions with an influential teen yoga instructor and trainee child therapist. 

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We offer talks and workshops on a wide variety of learning and teaching

paradigms including motivation, lateral thinking and creating balance.

These talks can all be tailored for Students or Teaching professionals alike.

If you have a particular talk/workshop you want us to create in order to address

a specific learning or teaching hurdle please get in touch.

Talks &